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Jersey Devil Spotted at Moss Mill Road and Route 9

By Virginia McCabe
Galloway News October 28th, 2004

GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP, N.J. -- Marie Castellano claims perfect eyesight and sobriety. She also claims that she saw the Jersey Devil flying down Moss Mill Road and Route 9 Sunday night.

"I saw a winged animal flying down the middle of the road and cling to the pole on the corner near CVS," said Castellano. "I stopped my car in the middle of the street and reached for my cell phone to call the police."

Castellano said that before she could dial 911, the creature jumped off the pole and started walking on its hind legs toward her car. In a panic she hit the gas and took off passing within inches of the beast.

"It was tall, had glowing red eyes and large black rubbery wings tucked behind its back," she said. "It made a loud screaming sound."

Castellano added that she looked in the rear-view mirror and watched the beast fly over the trees on the side of the road. She arrived home and told her husband Anthony about her frightening experience and he stopped her from reporting the sighting.

"I picked up the phone to call the cops but he said they would think I was nuts," she said. "I got some rest and went back to the corner, but I didn't see anything that would prove the Jersey Devil had been there."

Castellano is not going to be deterred. She said she is going to go back to the location every night at 9 p.m. until she finds the Jersey Devil or somebody else who may have seen it. She is certain she did not see a deer, a large eagle or any other form of animal.

"My husband thinks I saw a deer and my headlights made its eyes turn red," she said. "I know what I saw."


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