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Jersey Devil Sightings

Welcome to the world's most inclusive Jersey Devil sightings lists! This is where you can find out all of the reported sightings of the Jersey Devil. Some are listed from books, some are from people in history, and some have been personally reported from witnesses who have seen something strange in the Pine Barrens.
Sightings Timeline:
Sightings before 1909 1909 Sightings Sightings from 1909 - 2000 2001 - Present Sightings
Click on a time period above to view the sightings reports.
Other Features:
Towns with Sightings List
Click here to see a list of all the towns with reported sightings.
Sightings Map
Click here to view a map of the Jersey Devil sightings (compliments of Jerry Spiller).
Search By Town
Click here to enter a town name and find out if the Jersey Devil has visited.
We are looking for sightings - true, credible sightings - to document for our timeline. If you have had a sighting, and would like to inform us of the incident, please fill out our sighting report form to the best of your ability. Thank you!
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