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The Jersey Devil

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Jersey Devil Art

Here are some samples of Jersey Devil artist renditions. Click on a thumbnail to enlarge!

Jersey Devil "Images"

Below are some images commonly associated with the Jersey Devil. While we are posting them here for your viewing pleasure, we are NOT guaranteeing the validity of the images. At this time, we still do not believe there is a photograph of the Jersey Devil that is 100% unquestionable.
This image is all over the internet, and is a supposed image of the Jersey Devil. It does bare some resemblance in terms of the shape of the head, but it is difficult to accept the glowing nature of the image. Most sighting reports do not speak of the body of the creature as glowing. While it is an interesting image, it is still completely inconclusive, and definitely could have been altered.
This is the image that resulted from the 1909 sighting of Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Evans. After they witnessed the creature in their backyard, authorities put together this composite sketch based on their description of the creature. This image is probably considered to be the most reliable sketch created of the Jersey Devil, and many sightings have been similar in description.
This image was submitted to us via e-mail, and obviously it has been altered, as someone was kind enough to include other images commonly associated with the Jersey Devil as a comparison. You can see that there is definitely something in the tree, though it still could be simply a growth in the tree. The white image pasted at the top is the Nelson Evans sketch image (see above), and the image in the lower part of the picture is actually that of a fruit bat (see the theories section to read about this theory).

Devil Hunters Banners

These are some banners that have been created by fans of our organization.

-- Submitted by Azul

-- Submitted by Gabe

Did you create an image of the Jersey Devil that you'd like to have posted here? E-mail us at!
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